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just for the sake of posting

Today I went to school. 
Today i ate oatmeal for breakfast.
Today I met my prof in Intro to Fashion and fixed our sched with him (or her).
Today we didnt have regular classes yet.
Today I saw president.
Today I didnt saw him.
Today I stayed in Jollibee casimiro for one hour alone.
Today I sat there behind the glass and watched the traffic.
Today my right eye went red.
Today I met up with Gem and Carmela to get our yearbook at dla.
Today I bought 3 blank cds.
Today I was infront of the pc when I got home.
Today is my 3rd day of menstrual period.
Today I only had one napkin.
Today I ate oatmeal again for lunch.
Today it rained hard for 15 mins.
Today I watched the 3rd episode of Gossip Girl.
Today I received a P15 free load.
Tonight I will not eat dinner.
Tonight I smell tilapia.
Tonight will eat dinner.


OMG. I just did something. AND I TELL YOU, THIS IS YET (ONE OF) THE MOST EMABARRASING THINGS I'VE EVER DONE. I went to rfc with my mom and while she was buying some grocery stuffs, I went to the dvd section. Then I saw a Tokyo Tower dvd. I wasn't really planning to watch that movie because I know it sucks. But there's something INTERESTING in that film (yes, you know it's about MATSUMOTO) that I won't even bother tell XD.

And *kaching* I bought it. And I didn't just buy it. I told the vendor to test it first. So he inserted the dvd, played the movie, and the next thing i knew, i was seeing a butt-naked man showering right inside that tv screen and the next scene, 2 naked people making-out on a batthub. And OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT THERE WERE SCENES LIKE THAT *pokes head*. It was completely horrifying. Can you just imagine the look that the guy vendor gave me while witnessing also that stuff?TT___TT I just want to hide my face in total embarassment for everyone there and ran to my mama and cry. WAAAAAH TT^TT


1. Never ever buy a quasi-bold film if you know you’re still a minor whose just pretending not. YOU'LL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES I TELL YOU.




what not to do on a prelims day

Look I'm blogging. Today's the 3rd day of our prelims week. We only had one test. Business Finance. Omg I need to pass that test. Im kinda not liking that prof.

REWIND: *studied 4 in the morning today after doing some compu stuffs. drank creamy-sweet coffee as always to keep the peepers awake. but not much of a help either. didn't realize that i snored already around 5:25am the alarm clock buzzed at 5:30. turned it off and just, just allowing myself to doze off abit. just a few minutes. it won't kill right?*

BOOM. I woke up at 7:35 and my test will start at 8. *dies*

So I was all so crazy and panicky and stuff. Helplessy running around the house with my hands on my head. (egzeyj!) Crazily checking out all the clocks in the house (just for a tad chance of mistaking myself but HELL DIDNT) and they're all screaming 7:35 AM! 7:35 AM! 7:35 AM! (imagine the scene in Snow White wherein she got lost in the woods and all the trees had scary faces on them driving the scared-shitless-white-faced Snow White lost in her head. poor princess). My mom was all crazy too. (Duh, haven't she been used in this stuff since highschool?XD) I even blamed her for not waking me up. Sorry. She got mad and before she even said a thing, I slammed-shut the bathroom door right in front of her face. NAH. Just kidding. (though it's a routine for me sometimes lol)

One thing I realized and I just can't believe I did:
I CAN FIX MYSELF FOR JUST AROUND 30 MINUTES (minus the washing of the hair EWW haha)

So that. A mission accomplished for me. Usually, it takes me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to fix myself (eating breakfast included and making muni-muni after waking up). Whoopee. And you know what? This really annoyed me. I was oh-so-hurried-up going to school that i didnt go bother look at my watch. I passed through some of my classmates at the hallway upon going to our classroom (not even wondering why they are still outside of the room) And when I passed them, they all hooted and clapped. I turned around at them and raised an eyebrow. What the?! It was ME they're hooting and clapping for. *NANDE?!* I looked at my watch and dropped my jaw in horror and disbelief. My watch was screaming
7:30 AM! 7:30AM! 7:30AM! *repeat the Snow White incident* and as i've said, our test will come not until 8AM. And my classmates, MY WONDERFUL CLASSMATES, we're all clapping and teasing me because for the first time in history, I CAME EARLY. *dies*


1. Turns out that the clocks in our house are 30 mins advanced. I FORGOT. (why didnt my mom remind me so?! ahh she knew it. now i look stupid X.X)

2. It was only until the end of the test that 2 of my blockmates (BOTH GUYS) noticed that my skirt was unzipped. OMGGG.O_O *turns red* *buries dead body deep deep under the ground* Boohoohoo WHATTA LUCKY DAY JOTTY TT_____TT I hope it wasn't the reason why my blockmates clapped and hooted at me.. or is it? NOOOOO 


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HEY YOU. Do you NOT realize that we're destined for each other? That the forces of nature have been doing they're very very very best just for us to be together? Just for us not to be apart?? Do you??!


CONGRATULATIONS TO RIYO MORI, MS JAPAN!! Wheee she won!!XDDDD I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!! (though i'm also rooting for Ms Korea cos she's the most beautifulEST BUT she was dissapointing in the Q&A portion..sayang!) I love the personality of Ms. Japan! Maybe she won because of that. Her positiveness, wit, and charm..hoorahh! and don't forget the beauty! (I'm pretty sure that the Japanese are getting LOCO right now) We wooooon!! LOLLLL (SHOOT ME).

HEAR THIS: Vanessa Minnillo, the host for the event is Half-Filipina and was Miss Teen USA 1998 and IS a great host (proffesional, SHE IS). Miss Thailand, Miss Korea, and Miss Japan were all in the Top 15. Miss Korea won 3rd runner up. (OUR VERY OWN) Miss Philippines won Miss Photogenic. Miss China won Miss Congeniality. And Miss Japan won MISS UNIVERSE 2007. So whoever said that the Asians are the biggest worthless nincompoops on earth.. Oh well, MY BIGGEST LAUGH FOR YOU.

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I love it when she raises/waves her hand freely like this
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or when she's showing of her gown by ALSO raising it like this
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HOT HOT HONEY LEE (Ms Korea) when it comes to beauty, she tops my list!
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And I have to accept that I'm also a Filipino (stress on the word "also" hihihi) so congratulations also to our very own Ms Philippines: Anna Theresa Licaros for bagging the Miss Photogenic award!! WHEEEEEEEEE I'VE NEVER BEEN THIS PROUD!!
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WHOOPSIDAISIES! Better luck next time Miss USA (I wonder why she even made it to the Top 5 hmm for me she's not THAT appealing). My sincerest apologies for being BOO-ed by the audience during your Q&A round.
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TOP 5. Miss Venezuela is VAVAVOOM (she should be the next top model of Victoria's Secret hot lingerie line). Miss Korea's winning pretty face. Miss Brazil's (err expect that kind of beauty to be included on the top 5..same as Venezuela's) Miss USA (READ ABOVE) Miss Japan..Need I say more?:)

I called my brother ONEECHAN.

Stoopid. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't notice (and i call myself japanese?! *bangs head to the wall* pfft). HAHA thanks! But then if I didn't call him Oneechan, (w/c means "older sister" BTW. watda) you will hear me calling him this:
then he'll beat me up for mistaking it as a tagalog word (which he acts most of the the time AND I DON'T KNOW IF HE'S EVEN AWARE OF THAT. BUT I LOVE IT WHEN HE'S THAT XD)

Yo lil'bro, in case you're reading this (YOU ARE A LURKER), well..just pretend you didn't.


CHOTTO MATTE!!! Come to think of it, IT'S YOUR HAPPY BUSDAY TO YOU YOU TOMORROW!! Hahaha gome! I should make it up for you by giving you this simple presento XD: 

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Happy Birthday! \(o.^)v


Today, Camille and i will be teaching our students at dvbs (Daily Vacation Bible School). This is done every summer and us Joyclub, are the ones assigned for this event..ALWAYS. And that means we will be the teachers and assistants for the children for a week. Oh and by the way, the children I'm talking about are the ones who are less fortunate so that's why this is FREE. We want them to learn more about God and have fun by having fun activities. I ALSO SHOULD SAY that this will (always be) one hell of a strenous week (THE PREPARATION I TELL YOU IS SO STRESSFUL!)BUT HEY I know it will all pay-off because what?! We're all doing this for the glory of God! And it's so nice the feeling that by just this simple thing, I know that in some way we bring these children closer to God and again IT'S SO FUN SERVING THE LORD. :)

As I was saying, cams and I will be teaching highschool. but we're not really the teachers, we're just assistants and the main teaher is Marc. Actually we're 3 assistants: Me, Camille, Christian. And beause it is required for the assistants to teach at least ONE day...and that's TODAY. HOLY CRAP I STILL HAVEN'T READ THE LESSON YET! An I'm telling you, I'm NOT good at teaching! This is the one I SUCK THE MOST. Especially, did I just say, HIGHSCHOOL?? T____T Okay I'm only good at preschool. But although these highschools are not really the highschool looks, err I mean they look like grades 5 and 6 only. LESS INTIMIDATING. Good good. BUT BUT BUT!!! THIS IS PROBLEM!!! I AM REALLY NOT GOOD AT THIS! I ALWAYS STUTTER AND TEND TO FORGET THINGS THAT ARE GLUED JUST AWHILE AGO IN MY HALF-GREEN MIND! IN SHORT, I AM..UHH NOT A TEACHER MATERIAL! (NOTE: ONLY TO PRESCHOOL STUDENTS PREFERRABLY THE ONES I TAUGHT WHEN I WAS ASSIGNED AS A STUDENT-TEACHER IN DLA ON TEACHER'S DAY) Speaking of which, I miss those adorable earthlings especially KYLE..:)



Since i'm new here and i still don't know the hubaloos of lj. GEM YOU ARE THE ONLY FRIEND I HAVE RIGHT NOW. FAKKKK