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birthday and christmas wish list

as requested byhellobebe

  1. Body shop's strawberry born lippy lip balm.

  2. Body shop's strawberry body lotion

  3. Body shop's strawberry body spray

  4. clothes: funky or character tees, polka dots, stripes, hearts, plaids, skulls, pandas, harajuku lovers hoodies (cge nnga pwede na kahit fake!haha kapal)

  5. japanese-y kawaii stuff: accessories/bags/chains (strawberries, cherries, tokidoki, japanese kawaii characters, frilly parasols, hairclips, stripes, polka dots, plaids, skulls, pandas, parang inulit ko lang ah haha)

  6. Face Shop nail polishes (yellow, red, apple green, white..)

  7. slimming teas, slimming pills,  glutathione

  8. a special treat to the salon

  9. anything 'strawberryrab' (strawberry love stuffs: slippers, keychains, bags, pillows, watches, etc)

  10. a white, pink, or red flip vodafone

  11. any ORIG INCUBUS ALBUM (because mine are all pirated.XD)

  12. or any recommended 'rocking album' today available on the cd racks

  13. latest Gossip Girl novel (Would I Lie To You OR Don't You Forget About Me)

  14. mangas, books, fashion magazines

  15. any recommended DVD series

  16. Wong Kar Wai's In Dire Need of Love dvd

  17. a fab, sleek, red wallet

  18. make-up kit (or liquid black eye-liner, or white eyeshadow, or eye shadow pallete, whatev)

  19. super black contacts paired with super fake eyelashes (cos i don't have that. eyelashes, i mean)

  20. a Mao Zedong  cap (just like that of Erning's)

  21. Strangebrew DVD (with all the complete misadventures of Tado and Erning. TAMA!)

  22. trip to Japan!

  23. trip to Europe!

  24. trip to Disney Land!

  25. trip to Magic Land korea!

  26. a brown suede boots

  27. a hello kitty lomo cam

  28. a blonde, pink, or red WIG

  29. a big (or not big) Buttercup figurine or pillow

  30. a rockstar Barbie Doll or a lolita Pullip Doll

  31. Havaiianas strawberry or cherry design

  32. a Chibimoon costume

  33. any cute item you can grab at Toy Kingdom (toys, accessories, yaddayaddayadda)


   to be continued..
PS. I didn't expect to this to be this long XDDD