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strawberryrab :)

and we ended this year with a bang...


strawberryrab ^^

birthday and christmas wish list

as requested byhellobebe

  1. Body shop's strawberry born lippy lip balm.

  2. Body shop's strawberry body lotion

  3. Body shop's strawberry body spray

  4. clothes: funky or character tees, polka dots, stripes, hearts, plaids, skulls, pandas, harajuku lovers hoodies (cge nnga pwede na kahit fake!haha kapal)

  5. japanese-y kawaii stuff: accessories/bags/chains (strawberries, cherries, tokidoki, japanese kawaii characters, frilly parasols, hairclips, stripes, polka dots, plaids, skulls, pandas, parang inulit ko lang ah haha)

  6. Face Shop nail polishes (yellow, red, apple green, white..)

  7. slimming teas, slimming pills,  glutathione

  8. a special treat to the salon

  9. anything 'strawberryrab' (strawberry love stuffs: slippers, keychains, bags, pillows, watches, etc)

  10. a white, pink, or red flip vodafone

  11. any ORIG INCUBUS ALBUM (because mine are all pirated.XD)

  12. or any recommended 'rocking album' today available on the cd racks

  13. latest Gossip Girl novel (Would I Lie To You OR Don't You Forget About Me)

  14. mangas, books, fashion magazines

  15. any recommended DVD series

  16. Wong Kar Wai's In Dire Need of Love dvd

  17. a fab, sleek, red wallet

  18. make-up kit (or liquid black eye-liner, or white eyeshadow, or eye shadow pallete, whatev)

  19. super black contacts paired with super fake eyelashes (cos i don't have that. eyelashes, i mean)

  20. a Mao Zedong  cap (just like that of Erning's)

  21. Strangebrew DVD (with all the complete misadventures of Tado and Erning. TAMA!)

  22. trip to Japan!

  23. trip to Europe!

  24. trip to Disney Land!

  25. trip to Magic Land korea!

  26. a brown suede boots

  27. a hello kitty lomo cam

  28. a blonde, pink, or red WIG

  29. a big (or not big) Buttercup figurine or pillow

  30. a rockstar Barbie Doll or a lolita Pullip Doll

  31. Havaiianas strawberry or cherry design

  32. a Chibimoon costume

  33. any cute item you can grab at Toy Kingdom (toys, accessories, yaddayaddayadda)


   to be continued..
PS. I didn't expect to this to be this long XDDD
 It was already 2 weeks since I learned this breaking news.

Sighhh. I don't want to say it's cheap (i mean you entering showbusiness and you with all the tv exposures ackkk!) buuuut.. Ohwell if that's what makes you happy honey. But I am still deeply dissapointed. Why showbiz? Why that network? BOO:(

Omg I hope you don't end up getting swarmed by irritating kapuso celebrity pa-cute girls and making you their loveteam and ewwww THAT'S CHEAP!

yosi is noisy

last night  while riding the jeepney, there were 2 female passengers who were fighting, arguing, and shouting at each other  because the younger  woman (who was wearing all-black: lipstick, eyeliner, etc)  is  puffing cigarettes and the smoke was hitting on the fat woman's face! haha i couldn't forget the look of the madly angered, infuriated, red-hot faced fat woman. about to prowl and eat alive the rebel younger woman. meow!

rebel younger woman: eh bat hindi nman nagrereklamo yung iba?
fat-ass woman: eh gago ka pala eh! ako ung nasa harap mo eh malamang ako yung na-uusukan ng yosi mo! umayos ka!

on cold feet

Haven't you noticed that it's been breezy this week? I always bring my blazers/jacket with me when I go to school (coz it's freezing in our classrooms) but these past few days, I wear it already when I leave the house. (cos before, I only wear it at school and when going home).  I hope the weather will be like this till March.

I love this feeling. I can feel Christmas in the air!:)

Minna san!  today's a nice day to have coffee with your friends while gossiping on other people's lives! Just kiddin.

Jaaa ne~!

otanjoubi omedetou oniisan!






I ate 3 squares of pizza, 5 tbsp of baked mac, 1 slice of chocolate mousse. Shit, I think there's no more space in my stomach right now. It's soooo full and I don't like this feeling.(it's bulging!) So tonight I'll be drinking a tea that'll wash away the 3 squares of pizza, 5 tbsp of baked mac, and 1 slice of chocolate mousse that I ate. Goodnight!

*flushes toilet*

you know you love me

OMG. I can't help it. I'm a big fan of this best selling series and the LOOOONG wait is over. XDDDD

The OC producer Josh Schwartz brings to life Cecily Von Ziegezar's best-selling series, Gossip Girl, about the scandalous lives of teens living on NY's Upper East Side. 

(actually, it started airing last september on CW, the same network that brought you The O.C. and One tree Hill. but it's not until this time that i was able to watch it. haha loser!)


Blake Lively as Serena Van Der Woodsen
Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf
Penn Badgely as Dan Humphrey
Chase Crawford as Nate Archibald
Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey
Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass

This isn't your ordinary One Tree Hill or The O.C. It's about the lives of socialite teenagers who attend elite academic institutions while dealing with sex, drugs, and other teenage issues. Not your regular highschool drama, but it deals mostly on real-life teen drama (backstabbing, cheating on your gf/bf, lying on your BFF, etc.mmm sounds surreal right?). But of course, there's a also fun in this show, and their clothes..oooh I LOVE THEIR CLOTHES!XDDD The series is narrated by a mysterious character, "Gossip Girl" who runs a blog about the lives of her Upper East Siders, their scandals and everything. For more info click here.

It's not yet broadcasted in the Philippines and i'm pretty sure it's not yet on dvd too (but who knows). Watch it here or via torrent. You'll definitely gonna love it fo sho!

I'll make my own reviews on it (maybe on how similar and different it is from the novel). But for now, I still have to watch episode 7. XDDDD